iSchool @ UC Berkeley

Jun 3, 2009

I've recently been accepted to the Masters program at the iSchool at UC Berkeley. I’m not starting until the Fall, but I'm already experiencing some life changes. I've moved out of my house in Long Beach, and I'm currently staying with friends and family throughout Southern California. I'm stopping work at Foundstone on July 1st, and moving up to Berkeley sometime in August. Hopefully, that will give me a little summer vacation to relax while I prepare to go back to school.

I completed my undergraduate work at Berkeley, so this will be a homecoming. I visited the iSchool during the open house and my expectations were exceeded by the students, both prospective and current, and the staff. It's a "post-disciplinary" program that is centered on information and technology, but branches into fields like psychology, security, usability, economics, business, and sociology. I am not set on what I want to study and research, but I know that I'll have plenty of inspiration from like-minded peers - check out the cool final projects from this year. The school itself is located in South Hall, the oldest building in the UC system.

I'll continue to keep this blog updated. I hope to find some time to increase the content and improve the functionality of the site, as well as work on my other projects during the break. To be continued!