gets a makeover

Jan 23, 2011

With the spare time I’ve had over the last month of winter break from school, I decided to upgrade my blog. I’ve been unhappy with my marginalized blogging engine and barebones host, especially since I’m not doing ASP.NET development anymore. I decided to move to WordPress (thanks to some helpful blog posts) and switch from a standard web host to Amazon EC2. This is especially awesome because of the Free Usage Tier that lets me try everything for a year for free. I set up a SUSE Enterprise Linux AMI, installed a LAMP stack, and opened up a couple of ports. It’s nice to be able to tinker around with a host using a cert-protected SSH session as opposed to a clunky web interface. I went with a minimalist theme, set up some mod_rewrite rules to redirect old URLs to new URLs, and now it’s ready for business.

If you notice any problems, send me an email or comment. To new beginnings!