Alex Smolen

This blog is done for now

With the obligatory “it’s been a while since I posted here” intro, this post serves as the notification of the deep-freezing of this blog. It’s been through a couple incarnations, starting in 2007 (eight years ago WTF) as running Community Server on My first post was about how application security defects were like “bacteria”, in juxtaposition to the traditional computer “viruses”, since they showed up from poor code hygiene. In 2011, when I went to grad school, I moved the blog to and updated the site to an AWS instance running WordPress. Over time, my WordPress instance has become a little grimy, so to speak, since I don’t really check for updates often enough. I can’t be a security guy and have my site popped, right?

I check Google Analytics and there are still some people hitting my really ancient articles about AppSec trivia from back in the day. So I’m doing the digital equivalent of moving my dusty old tech books to a box in the garage. Starting today, it will be converted to static HTML pages with Jekyll. If I return to blogging regularly, I’ll use something like Medium. Peace!

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